Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Fan Audio Messages

Yes! Every user gets a Fan Page with audio recorder. 

When your fans visit your fan page, they can choose to leave you an audio message or a text message, right from their browser. 

Yes! We make it super easy to download your audio messages from our dashboard. The audio file is an MP3 format, 128k bitrate, 44,100 Hz.

We always recommend creators to download their fan messages and share them on their episodes!

Yes! You can easily reply to fan messages via text or audio.

And when you do reply, we'll notify your fan via email that you replied.

Yes! We send you email notifications when your fans engage with you on your show page.

We also give you in-app notifications so you don't miss any fan activity!

Yes! You totally own your fans contact list!

When your fans engage with you on Fanlist, we capture that contact and create a list for you in your dashboard. 

This lead capture system is a great way for podcasters to build an email list of their most engaged fans!

Yup, we have several options for our embeddable widget: inline widget, popup widget, and floating button widget.

All our widgets lets you capture audio on your own website!

But, your Fanlist show page is where your fans will be able to engage with you in a much more rich and interactive way!

Fan Monetization

Yes. When fans visit your fan page, they can easily support your podcast with one-time tips. 

They'll see your suggested tips, and they can even customize their preferred amount.

To enable tips on your fan page, just go to your Fanlist dashboard, connect a free Stripe account, and toggle monetization on.

Stripe is our 3rd party payment processing partner.

Stripe is the industry standard payment processor that allows you to accept fan credit card payments on your Fanlist page. It handles all the credit card storing, payment processing, refund management, and connecting to your personal bank account for payouts.

Fanlist collects a 7% fee on all transactions.

Stripe also collects a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. 

Yup. There are many fans who prefer one-time donations (over recurring payments)...so we definitely support that feature. 


Your earning are collected in your Stripe balance. Stripe payouts should automatically be processed on a daily basis. 

That said, Stripe does handle payouts, so the exact payout rules will be specific to each creator's account, factoring in their location and Stripe account status. 


Memberships and Premium Content

Yes. Creators can create a premium podcast, and make it accessible for paid members only. 

We host all your premium content behind the paid membership, and manage your unique RSS feed. 

You have full control of the price for your membership.

You can always start with one price and change it later. When you do edit your price, the old pricing for existing members will be preserved. 

You can also offer different payment plans. A recurring monthly and yearly payment option. Or a one-time payment option for a lifetime plan. 

Each of your members will get a unique RSS feed URL for your premium podcast. 

If your member ever cancels their membership...their unique RSS feed will be deactivated. 

No. We host your premium podcast for free. 

The only fees we collect are transaction fees for any fan payments. 
We earn money only when you earn money. 

Yes. When you publish new episodes, you can easily send an email notification to your members with 1-click. 

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