Core Product Features

Here are all the main features you get with your podcast fan page

Fan Messages

Your fans can easily record & submit audio & text messages directly on your podcast fan page. Download their audio files and feature your fans' messages in your episodes!

Lead Capture

We believe your fans belong to you. When your fans engage on your fan page, we capture them in your Fanlist dashboard. Great for building your newsletter list!


Give your avid fans a way to become a member, to get more access to you and your premium content. Customize the price of your monthly, yearly, and one-time memberships plans.

Podcast Subscriptions

Create a premium podcast with a unique RSS feed on Fanlist and give paid members access to your bonus content. Monetize your podcast by leveraging listener subscriptions.

Tips & Donations

Fans want to support your show. Give them a way to leave a tip or donation! Enable general tips and message tips on your fan page, and give fans multiple ways to support your show!

Paid Perks

Create Perks that fans can buy. Fans already know, like, and trust you. Give them a way to support you with a purchase. Great way to build fan loyalty while earning money.

Chat Rooms

Build community with our real-time, text based chat room. Chat rooms are a low barrier way to activate your fans. Optionally monetize your chat room by setting it private


Continue the fun outside your Fanlist fan page using our widgets. Our widgets work seamlessly with Fanlist to engage your fans, even on your podcast website.


Fans sometimes want to be more than a normal fan...they want to be your greatest superfan! With our leaderboard feature, fans can compete to be your top supporter!

Sponsors Page

Fans often need to reference sponsors and products you mention on your show. Simply create a sponsors page to showcase all your sponsors in one convenient spot.

Full List of Features

All Accounts
Listener Subscriptions
Unique RSS Feeds
Paid Perks
Chat Room
Email Notifications
In-App Notifications
Private Inboxes
Voice & Text Messages
Automatic Transcriptions
Paid Perks
Lead Capture
Mailchimp Integration
Welcome Videos
Featured Sponsors

More Features Coming Soon!

We are constantly working to make Fanlist the #1 audience engagement platform for Podcasters.
To get an idea of what we’re working on next,
follow our roadmap.

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