Guide to Using Fanlist

Learn how to use Fanlist to engage your audience and monetize your superfans!

1. Customize Your Fan Page

First, let's customize your fan page! Upload your brand elements like your cover art, banner image, and theme color. Better still, upload a welcome video to personally greet your fans. Setting up your fan page takes just a few minutes, and it's totally free. You can toggle features on and off to fit your needs.

2. Accept Fan Payments

Fans want to show their financial support, so give them an opportunity to do so! With Fanlist, you can let fans give tips, purchase perks, and subscribe to your premium content. To activate our monetization features, connect a free Stripe account. Stripe is our partner for processing credit cards safely and securely.

3. Your Call-To-Action

To integrate your new fan page into your overall strategy, come up with a primary call-to-action you want fans to do. Some creators do an AMA, so they want fans to leave questions in their fan page inbox. Other creators want to prioritize their paid bonus content, so they tell fans to go to their fan page to subscribe to their Fanlist. It's up to your own creativity...experiment with ideas for your show and your fans!

4. Link To Your Fan Page

Make it easy for your fans to find your Fanlist fan page. Include links to your fan page everywhere. This includes your episode descriptions, show notes, social media bio links, website, etc. The golden rule is to make it as convenient as possible for fans to engage with you.

5. Consistency Is Key

As creators, you already know this: success is a result of relentless consistency. If you want fans to engage, you need to repeat your call-to-action over, and over, and over every episode. Studies show, it takes people hearing something 4 to 8 times repeatedly before taking action.

6. Publicly Reward Good Behavior

When fans take the action you want...whether they're leaving messages, giving tips, buying perks, or subscribing to your membership...give them a public shoutout on your show. This not only excites that one fan, but it encourages other fans to take action!

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