Paid Memberships

Earn Money with Premium Content

Podcast Membership for Listener Subscriptions

Why It Matters

Why are paid memberships important for podcasters?

Premium Content

Your paid members will get exclusive access to your premium podcast. Get creative! Create bonus content like AMAs, exclusive episodes, and more.

Earn Money

You set the price and let your fans choose to buy a monthly, yearly, or one-time subscription. We make it simple to create and manage your paid membership.

Unique RSS Feed

Each paid member will get their own unique RSS feed. We automatically manage this feed, turning them on for paid members and turning them off when they cancel.

More Details

Just a few things to know about this core feature

Podcast Hosting

We host all your premium podcast episodes, and give each of your subscribers a unique RSS feed to enjoy their premium subscription.

Customizable Pricing

You can fully customize the price of your paid membership. With our platform, you can start with one price, change it later, giving you full control of your pricing.

Payment Options

Offer fans different payment options. Monthly and yearly options give you recurring revenue. One-time option is ideal for lifetime memberships.

Unique RSS Feeds

We give each of your members a unique RSS feed as part of their subscription. We dynamically control this feed and will turn if off when members cancel.

Web Accessible

We make your premium content web accessible, so members can enjoy it directly on your fan page. No need to download apps or fuss with RSS feeds.

Members List

Every member, past and present, will appear on your members list. Use this list to manage all your members, and download them to add to your email list.

Episode Comments

Let members engage with each episode in the comments. This is a great way to build community, by promoting discussion with your most avid fans.

Email Announcements

After publishing your episodes, send an email announcement to all your members with 1-click! Keep members informed of all your premium content.

Blue Checkmarks

Make members feel special with blue checkmarks. When members engage with your fan page, they all stand out as your superfans with a blue checkmark.


Some frequently asked questions about paid memberships

Yes. You can totally customize your your monthly, yearly, and one-time member pricing. 

We also give you the flexibility to turn off some pricing options. For example, if you want to only sell membership based on an annual subscription, you'd define your yearly pricing and simply disable monthly and one-time payment options. 

Yes. We often recommend creators to start with lower monthly membership fees. You can always increase your membership price later. 

Any members on your old  pricing plan will stay at their original price, until they cancel their existing subscription. 

Fanlist only makes money when you make money. All the fan page features are free to use!

When you receive payments from your fans, Fanlist takes a 7% fee from each transaction. 

Along with this, we partner with Stripe to handle credit card transactions. Stripe takes an industry standard fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. 

Yes. Whenever you publish a new episode, we give you a 1-time announcement to blast out to your members. 

It's super easy and can be done with a click of a button. 

With our unique RSS feeds, we give each of your members a custom RSS feed URL.

If your member ever cancels, we deactivate their unique RSS feed. 

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