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Accept Audio Messages from Podcast Fans

Why It Matters

Why should you collect messages from your podcast fans?

Hear Your Fans

As podcasters, we talk a lot. But are we listening? Don't just speak into the void...hear back from your fans. It's a great way to get them engaged!

Feature Your Fans

Wanna get fans excited? Feature their messages & questions on your show! Download and share your fans' audio clips in your episodes.


When you feature your fans on your can be sure they'll tell their friends about it. Your fans are your biggest show promoters.

Popular Use Cases

You can customize your audio inbox to anything you want!
Here are a few popular examples

Some Highlights

Just a few things about our simple, yet powerful audio recorder.

Web Audio Recorder

Your fans can leave you audio messages on your Fanlist fan page from any web browser on any device. Nothing to download. Just click record!

Message Downloads

You can download your audio messages to incorporate on your show and delight your fans! Simply get high quality audio files with 1-click.

Message Replies

Creators can reply to fan messages with either text or audio. We highly recommend audio replies to really make that reply extra special!


We auto transcribe all messages received, so you can quickly read your messages before listening to them. This works a lot like visual voicemail...and it's free!

Public Messages

Fanlist makes it fun for fans to listen to other fan's messages. This promotes social proof & inspires new fans to leave their own messages!

Private Inboxes

Set your inbox to private to hide all messages submitted on your fan page. This is a great way to collect audio messages that need a bit more privacy.

Multiple Inboxes

Create multiple inboxes on your Fanlist page to prompt your fans for different types of messages. Be creative with your various inboxes!

Collect Likes

Lean into the wisdom of the crowds. Your fans can like messages on your Fanlist page to tell you what's hot and what's not.

Pinned Messages

Creators can pin their favorite messages to the top of the list, so that your fans can hear the types of messages you appreciate and feature.


Some frequently asked questions about our messages feature

Every Fanlist user gets a customizable Fanlist Fan Page for their podcast.

Your fans can visit your Fanlist fan page to leave you audio messages from any web browser. 

Yes! We make it super easy to download your audio messages from your admin dashboard. The audio file is an MP3 format, 128k bitrate, 44,100 Hz.

Definitely download your fan audio clips to add to your episodes! This will add a whole new dimension to your show and increase fan excitement!

Yes. You can choose to accept both audio and text-based messages. 

For fans who are uncomfortable recording an audio message...our text-based message option can help. 

We transcribe audio messages from fans for free!

Over time, our free audio transcription service will get more and more accurate...we appreciate your patience!

Yes! You can easily reply to fan messages via text or audio.

To reward your fans and increase listener loyalty...we definitely recommend leaving your fans an audio reply!

Yes! We send you email notifications when your fans engage with you on your show page.

We also give you in-app notifications so you don't miss any fan activity!

Yup, we have several options for our embeddable widget: inline widget, popup widget, and floating button widget.

All our widgets lets you capture audio on your own website!

But, your Fanlist fan page is where your fans will be able to engage with you in a much more rich and interactive way!

We're glad you asked!  We are constantly adding  more features to make Fanlist a  powerful,  easy-to-use audience engagement tool for Podcasters...and we appreciate your feedback to help make that happen!

Check out our roadmap to see if the feature you're thinking of is in the works:

If your feature isn't on our roadmap, feel free to make a feature request here:

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