Fan Donations

Receive Monetary Support From Your Fans

Fan Donations for Podcasters

Why It Matters

Why are fan donations important for podcasters?

Make Money

In this creator economy, more fans are paying creators for their great content! As a modern creator, don't be afraid to ask fans for support!

Get Fans Invested

Your fans love your show, and many of them want a way to show their support. Give them a simple way to submit a monetary gift.


Fans who support you financially are invested in your success! These are the fans who will really help promote your show!

More Details

Just a few things to know about this core feature

Simple Donations

The reality is most fans want to give a 1-time donation, not commit to a monthly subscription. We make it super easy for fans to leave you a quick tip!

Suggested Amounts

You can customize several suggested amounts for your donation buttons. We always include an extra button to let fans define a custom amount.

Stripe Connect

We partner with Stripe to handle payment processing and payouts. We make it easy for creators to start collecting fan donations in minutes on Fanlist.

Message Tips

When your fans leave a message, they can also tip that message. Create clever campaigns that encourage your fans to leave a message with a monetary boost.


Go beyond tips & donations, create Perks that fans can buy. Fans already know, like, and trust you...give them a way to support you with a purchase.


Fans sometimes want to be more than a normal fan...they want to be your greatest superfan! With our leaderboard, they get a shot at being your top supporter!


Some frequently asked questions about our audio messages

When fans visit your Fanlist fan page, they can easily support your podcast with simple credit card payment.

They can make one of your suggested payments, or customize their payment of any amount!

To start accepting fan donations on your show page, just go to your Fanlist dashboard, create & connect a free Stripe account, and toggle monetization on!

Stripe is our 3rd party payment processing partner.

Stripe is the industry standard payment processor that allows you to accept fan credit card payments on your Fanlist fan page. It handles all the credit card storing, payment processing, refund management, and connecting to your personal bank account for payouts.

Fanlist collects 0% fees with our Pro and Business plans, and a small 5% transaction fee with our Free Hobby plan.

Stripe does collect some payment processing fees for handling credit card transactions. This transaction fee is an industry standard norm for credit card processing. This Stripe fee is typically 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

Yup. Often, we see that most fans want to give a 1-time donations to their favorite podcasters. 

We'll also be rolling out a recurring donation feature soon, which will let fans automate their donations on a monthly basis.


We have it set to automatically payout your available balance on Stripe on a daily basis. 

Since Stripe is your official payment processor, we abide by their rules on when payments will be available in your payout balance, which sometimes depends on your location and Stripe account status. 


Well first, we think podcasters can use both! No need to pick just one fan monetization platform.

In our opinion, a good place to ask fans for support is where you're already engaging with them!

While Patreon focuses on monthly recurring subscriptions for fans, we think a lot of fans want to make 1-time donations. With Fanlist, we created a pretty fun and simple monetization system based on 1-time donations!

We've designed Fanlist to be much more focused and fan engagement and gamification than any other fan monetization platform available!

Our motto is, let's make fan monetization more fun and rewarding for both podcasters and their fans.

We're glad you asked!  We are constantly adding  more features to make Fanlist a  powerful,  easy-to-use audience engagement tool for Podcasters...and we appreciate your feedback to help make that happen!

Check out our roadmap to see if the feature you're thinking of is in the works:

If your feature isn't on our roadmap, feel free to make a feature request here:

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