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Why It Matters

Why it’s important to feature fan profiles?

Know Your Fans

Fan profiles is an easy way to get to know your superfans a bit better! Check out their short bio to get more familiar with them.

Boost Your Fans

Fans and followers can always use a social boost, especially when they engage and support you. This is an easy way give them a little boost!


When fans see other fans engage, it inspires and compels other fans to join on your fan page! Fan profiles lets fans get to know each other.

Some Highlights

Just a few things to know about this core feature

Fan Profile Cards

When fans engage on your fan page, they'll all have a fan profile card that pops up when their fan avatar is clicked.

Robot Avatars

We encourage fans to upload a profile pic. But in case they don't, we give every fan a unique default robo avatar. It's nice to put a face to a name.

Fan Bios

Fans can write a shot bio to tell a bit about themselves. This is a great way for fans to showcase themselves, and for you know your fans a bit more.

Social Links

No fan bio is complete without som social links. Every fan can share their Instagram and Twitter handles to tell you and other fans where to find them.

Website Link

If sharing social links isn't enough, we give fans a way to share 1 website. This can be anything from a full a link in bio type url.

Display Name

Do your fans want to stay anonymous? No problem. Your fans can use a display name publicly to keep their real names hidden.


Some frequently asked questions about our audio messages

All fans also has a Fanlist dashboard they can login to. 

To fill out a fan profile, simply login to your dashboard and click the "my profile" link on the main menu. 


If fans fill out their profile with their social links and website, we include all that for you in your contacts list with your fans engage on your fan page. 


We currently do not allow links in bio. 

Sure! 🥳

Emojis are supported in their bio. 

We're glad you asked!  We are constantly adding  more features to make Fanlist a  powerful,  easy-to-use audience engagement tool for Podcasters...and we appreciate your feedback to help make that happen!

Check out our roadmap to see if the feature you're thinking of is in the works:

If your feature isn't on our roadmap, feel free to make a feature request here:

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