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Greet Fans With a Friendly Video

Fan Page Welcome Videos

Why It Matters

Why are fan page welcome videos useful for podcasters?

Build Trust

Your fans know and love you. Greet them with a video to show you're also engaged on your fan page. Video greetings build a ton of trust.

Give Direction

These days, people are consumed by video. Use it as an opportunity to let your fans know how to best engage on your fan page.

Incentivize Action

Tease whatever rewards or benefits fans can unlock or earn for their active engagement. Incentivize fans to take some action!

More Details

Just a few things to know about this core feature

Animated Avatars

With your uploaded video, we create a little animated avatar button. It's a cleverly designed video button that encourages fans to click it to view the full video in a popup.

Any Orientation

Upload your video in either portrait or landscape mode. This let's you easily create your welcome video using your laptop in landscape or phone selfie camera in portrait.

Paid Upgrade

To use our video features, you must have one of our paid plans. We process and store your uploaded videos natively on our platform, to deliver the highest quality videos.


Some frequently asked questions about our audio messages

We have 2 types of videos: the main fan page welcome video, and videos for each inbox. 

These are all separate videos for different sections of your fan page. 

We don't have any length restrictions on the videos, but we recommend short videos less than 1 minute to welcome your fans. 

We recommend uploading videos that are formatted as MP4 (mpeg) or MOV (quicktime). 


To deliver the best quality and guarantee compatibility with our UI, we natively process and host your uploaded videos. 

We're glad you asked!  We are constantly adding  more features to make Fanlist a powerful,  easy-to-use audience engagement tool for Podcasters...and we appreciate your feedback to help make that happen!

Check out our roadmap to see if the feature you're thinking of is in the works:

If your feature isn't on our roadmap, feel free to make a feature request here:

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